How To Survive Vicious Animal Attacks

In this article we will cover:

  1. Bear Attacks
  2. Wolf Attacks
  3. Cougars
  4. Coyotes
  5. Rabid Raccoons
  6. Shark Attacks
  7. Crocodiles or Alligators
  8. Piranhas
  9. Jellyfishes
  10. Rattlesnakes
  11. Scorpions
  12. Killer Bees
  13. Lion Attacks
  14. Hippo Attacks
  15. Elephants
  16. Gorillas

How to Survive Animal Attacks in the Wild

Protecting Yourself from Animal Attacks

Animal attacks are one of the most ghastly survival scenarios you can find yourself in. From enormous creatures like cougars, bears, and sharks, to smaller ones like snakes, honey bees, and scorpions, you have to learn how to shield yourself from all of them.

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When you’re in the wilderness, always have some sort of defense against animal attacks.

1. Bear Attack

Dodge any potential encounters with bears at all costs. While very rare, bear attacks can be fatal, especially if coming from a grizzly or polar bears.

In the event that a bear starts walking towards you, never attempt to run away because not even Usain Bolt could outrun these magnificent animals. While it takes nerves of steel, just stand still and avoid locking eyes.

Pepper spray also helps in a pinch, and, if you plan on leaving your camp, be sure to pack one.

To avert a bear attack or survive it, you need to know a ton about bears -read these tips here – for a little extra knowledge. There isn’t a universal way to do it, meaning you need to learn as much as you can about bears and how to defend yourself against attacks coming from one.

This knowledge becomes absolutely crucial if you frequently visit mountains and areas around them.

2. Wolf Attack

Wolves are generally not aggressive towards humans, and try to evade encounters altogether. Attacks are however mostly attributed to rabid wolves — wolves that are wounded or feel jeopardized, and wolves protecting their pups.

There are many factors that can affect the behavior of a wolf in its natural habitat. That being said, a good way to avoid any kind of conflict with the wolves is by walking away silently while avoiding eye contact.

Never ever try to make a run for it because the natural instinct of a predator will kick in and you will find yourself face down on the ground before even realizing what just happened. Instead, you can try this: make yourself look as big and intimidating as you can. If the attack seems to be inevitable, try to get a hold of a weapon and make sure to protect your face and neck because those will be the first parts the wolf will try to attack. The neck is especially vulnerable because of the jugular, and if the wolf damages it, you will bleed out very quickly.

3. Cougar

With cougars or mountain lions’ recent growth in population, chances to face one if you are spending enough time in their habitats increased drastically compared to a decade ago. Mountain lions are magnificent animals, so much so that people go above and beyond to see one, which could be a costly mistake, but, let’s try preventing that.

You should never wish for seeing one up close because there is a big chance you will end up being attacked, but, if you do want to prepare for a possible encounter, you need to know more about mountain lions and how to avoid or survive the attack.

If you do come across a mountain lion or cougar, maintain eye contact with it at all times. I am dead serious, never take your eyes off it, and walk away slowly making sure you can protect every inch of your body.

If a cougar does start walking towards you, prepare to fight it with everything you’ve got, but never stop walking away as there is still hope. With mountain lions YOU will need to be on the offensive, acting as the predator and the mountain lion needs to be your prey.

4. Coyote

Coyote attacks are uncommon but happen from time to time and you need to know what you can do to avoid and survive them. Especially attacks coming from rabid ones. Coyotes are very devious and will attack more vulnerable targets. This means that they will attack the most vulnerable target, this includes attacking from behind your back and targeting pets or even kids which makes them extremely dangerous.

The good thing is, coyotes avoid fights with a stronger opponent. That’s why you must prove to them that you are more dangerous than they are.

Coyotes are sometimes mistaken for wolves, so you need to know the difference before making a strategy.

5. Rabid Raccoon

While raccoons are known as shy animals you should avoid conflicts because there are a lot of rabid raccoons that can cause a lot of damage. Due to their natural habitats being decreased by expanding cities, raccoons have started adjusting to the city life and that means coming across one is becoming a common thing.

Raccoon attacks are not something you would want to look at, let alone being a victim of one. So, make your home and campsite as raccoon-proof as you possibly can. If you do get wounded by a raccoon either by biting or scratching, wash your wounds with soap and water, disinfect immediately and get medical help as soon as possible.

6. Shark Attack

Sharks are the most feared among sea predators. I will not go into the dangers of shark attacks since the media hype has done that already.

However, what I will talk about is how to increase your chance of survival if a shark does attack you.

If you see a shark, swim to the shore, and be stealthy about it. Powerful strokes and flapping of your feet will be like ringing a dinner bell, and the shark will always answer. If the shore is a bit distant, look for something that can be used as a blunt weapon and prepare to swing as hard as you can, hitting the shark just before it bites for maximum psychological impact.

7. Crocodile or Alligator

Crocodile attacks, just like shark attacks are the stuff nightmares are made of, and pop culture, so when it comes to raising concern, it might be pointless because the media does a far better job. Yet, with the hype comes misinformation. You should the learn facts about crocodiles or alligators for yourself before you go and come across one, or worse, get attacked.

To avoid crossing paths with one, stay away from crocodile-infested areas. If you find yourself face to face with a crocodile, swim to shore with great self-restraint to avoid attracting their attention. If it comes to a fight, go for the nose and eyes to survive the alligator attack.

8. Piranha

Encountering a piranha is only possible in the mighty rivers of South America. So for us campers and survival enthusiasts, it’s very possible.

If you are thinking about visiting South America, educate yourself about piranhas as much as you can before it’s too late and they are already swimming around you. There is no definitive proof of a single piranha killing a human, but that’s why they almost always swim in shoals (group of piranhas), not to mention a single piranha can inflict great damage, even out of the water.

If you’re in the water, do not create large splashes or sudden motions. If you are fishing for piranhas, be very careful because the razor-sharp teeth will send you to the emergency room in an instant.

It’s important to know that not all species of piranhas have a lust for blood because there are species that are vegetarians.

9. Jellyfish

Jellyfish can be found virtually everywhere where there is saltwater. If you like going to the beach often, there is a good chance you have already seen these creatures floating around.

Out of many jellyfish species, five are considered most dangerous and you need to stay away from them at all costs.

Sometimes, this cannot be avoided, so make sure to put on a jellyfish repellent. If the jellyfish tags you, don’t rub the affected part of your body or you’ll release more toxins.

Don’t try to wash it off with fresh water, instead use seawater. And no, your friends’ pee doesn’t work!

Vinegar, baking soda, or meat tenderizer powder can all be used to lessen effects of the venom.

10. Rattlesnake

Snakes can be found almost anywhere in the world, and the rattlesnake is native to the Americas. While not on the list of deadliest snakes in the world, rattlesnakes are one of the most dangerous because of their distinct personality, meaning that it should be avoided at all costs like all the other animals on this list.

Rattlesnakes are polite snakes, they will actually warn you that you are in danger before attacking, by rattling their tail, hence the name. But, you still might get bitten for whatever reason.

If you get bitten, do not put ice on the bite, do not drink alcohol, and never cut the bite to try sucking the venom out. It will make matters worse.

Instead, try to remain still and remove everything that could limit the blood flow because limited circulation might end up costing you your limb. Then, call for help at once, call both the medical emergency response and the service tasked to help in situations of venomous animal encounters.

11. Scorpion

While scorpion stings are not usually lethal, you want to avoid the sting of a bark scorpion, especially adults and the elderly. People have learned to fear all scorpions as if they are the aforementioned bark scorpions, so take the time to clear things up a bit for yourself and learn what scorpions there are in your vicinity or the place you plan on visiting because panic can be more dangerous than venom.

If you do get stung by the dreaded Arizona bark scorpion, send for help at once.

12. Killer Bee

With a name like the killer bee, the number of people that get attacked is stunning. The name itself strikes fear into people, especially when they are misinformed. It is important to learn more about this honey-producing insect before you decide it’s a good idea to go on the offense.

Killer bees attack in swarms, so if one attacks you, run as fast as you can because you can be sure that more is coming. Covering your face and head is the safest bet in this case, but do not stop running to take these actions because those few seconds could be the difference between life and death.

Fingers and tweezers might hurt you more than they could help, but using a credit card or other dull objects to scrape them off. If you have allergies, you need immediate medical attention.

13. Lion Attack

Although lions can only be found in Africa, lion attacks in zoos are not unheard of, and that’s a sight you do not want to see. If you plan to go on an African safary and know lions are known to be in the area, try to learn some facts about lions, before your excitement turns into crippling fear.

Lion attacks are not uncommon and to survive one, your primal instincts are the only thing that can save you because it will take everything you’ve got to even have a snowball’s chance to survive. Try to look big and intimidating and never play dead or curl in a fetal position because the lion will see you as a served steak on a platter.

14. Hippo Attack

Again, you may find yourself in Africa where hippos live, but you don’t want an encounter with these seemingly harmless yet in truth dangerous animals. They can bite through crocodiles and humans don’t stand a chance.

There is a very slim chance of your surviving a hippo attack, so try distancing yourself from these animals. If they do as much as approach you, run and hide or climb a tree. It is very important to learn how to survive a hippo attack.

15. Elephant

Most of us wouldn’t take an elephant for a dangerous animal. They live among humans in many parts of the world after all, like India, Thailand, and Africa where we go to experience and encounter these majestic beings.

For different reasons, they can turn on humans, too, and that is dangerous. If an elephant charges at you, try to climb a tall tree.

If an elephant attacks you, do not curl in a fetal position. Grab the tusks so you can use this to escape the situation and try not getting stabbed.

16. Gorilla

An encounter with an angry mountain gorilla is another one of those you can only experience in their territory. But who knows what you’ll get into next so it pays to know more about animals including gorillas.

Avoid being seen by a gorilla but if you find yourself in the situation, don’t try to intimidate them because they won’t be. Go into a submissive position instead, avoid contact, and don’t run.

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