Hidden Gun Storage – How To Hide Your Guns In Plain Sight

Some people want to hide their guns from burglars and thieves. Others want to hide their guns from the Feds. Still, others want to keep their guns safely hidden away from curious kids. Whatever your motivations, you’re here to figure out the best way to keep your guns hidden in plain sight.

Because there’s no feeling quite like knowing you’re armed to the teeth and no unsuspecting guest has a clue.

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So in today’s article, I want to show you some of the best-hidden gun storage solutions out there, including:

  • Hidden Gun Storage Furniture
  • Hidden Gun Safe For Handguns 
  • DIY Hidden Gun Storage Plans
  • Hidden Gun Apparel

To kick things off, I want to introduce you to some of the vast possibilities.

This video will provide inspiration as you try to figure out the best way to hide your own guns in plain sight:

You have to admit, hidden gun furniture technology and ideas have come a long way.

For example, these shelves not only look great, but they’re also functional. No one but you would ever know it’s full of firearms.

Guns hidden, locked and ready to go at a moments notice.

Here are more hidden gun furniture ideas from the team at Tactical Walls – experts in hidden gun storage.

Hidden Gun Storage Furniture

Gun Storage Bench

What do you think about secretly storing your firearms hidden in a soft-sided bench at the foot of your bed?

Check out the video for this affordable bench by American Furniture Classics.

This hidden gun bench not only looks great, but it’s also made out of solid wood, which makes it one of the best.

Because if a burglar sees your typical gun safe – what do you think goes through their mind?

They think “there’s something of value in there and I WANT IN”. They focus on the safe and work hard to pry it off your wall and take the entire thing with them.

If you’ve installed your gun safe correctly, they will fail. But they still know exactly where your firearms are located.

What do you think goes through an intruders mind when they pass a bookshelf, bench, or coffee table?

They won’t think anything of it. Nothing worth my time here, keep moving.

That’s the beauty of these high-quality hidden gun furniture locations.

Curio Cabinet Gun Safe

Now, here’s another excellent slider cabinet perfect for hiding your guns in your living room.

It includes a secret sliding storage location behind curio display. But hidden gun storage furniture is no good if the furniture sucks. 

But this slider curio cabinet includes a lite curio display area with glass shelves. And it’s a classic design that would fit in really well in millions of households across America.

That’s the key to hidden gun furniture, it’s got to function and look good as furniture, not just as gun storage.

Mirror Gun Safe

Do you keep your guns hidden in your master bedroom instead?

Then you got to check out this full-length mirror gun safe that will hide all your firearms such as rifles, handguns, and ammo.

Again, not only is the mirror designed to look natural and great in any bedroom, but it can also be housing a small arsenal of your favorite firearms.

Several handguns, spare magazines, and a rifle will all fit in this incredible full-length mirror gun safe.

This next hidden guns safe furniture option is more for show than functionality, but you can’t deny that it’s impressive. It would certainly add a bit of flair to your gun concealment efforts.

Hiding Your Handguns and EDCs In Plain Sight

This next video also has both handgun hiding options and rifle options.

Smaller hiding locations are great because they function as a standard kitchen or office organizing tool. Caulk boards and magazine holders are not locations people think would have guns hiding in them.

Hiding a rifle behind a picture is a genius idea by using the interior wall space. The smaller options are slick as well. These are also all doable DIY projects for someone with a bit of knowledge.

But if DIY’s not your thing, here’s an affordable small hidden gun shelving system. This little shelf works great, looks great, and no one but you is the wiser.

How about stashing a gun in a wall clock?With this concealment clock, you don’t even need to cut a hole in the wall.

You just move the hands to the unlock positions and push on the upper half.

The clock will hinge to expose a hidden compartment inside. Genius! 

Here’s another concealment clock option, a free-standing clock. This small clock can sit on your end table, just an arm’s length away, ready for action.

Plus, its constructed of engineered wood with a mahogany stain meaning it will fit with any classic home decor.

Fake air vents also make for excellent places to store a hidden firearm or two.

They look to be apart of the normal house construction.

There’s nothing about these air vents indicate they’re stashing a handgun and some ammo – they are simple diversion safe.

Or how about a concealed gun tissue box?

How about hiding a pistol underneath your desk or coffee table?

Maybe you like the idea of hiding your guns but worry about not being able to grab it fast enough from a hidden, locked compartment.

This option allows you quick access to a pistol hiding under your desk.

Finally, another option is to put a concealed weapon tissue box in your office or around your house.

If you have an issue, grab a tissue!

Note: I DO NOT recommend either the magnet or tissue box method if you ever have small children in your home. Children like to hide and play games under furniture and the tissue box is not locked.

DIY Hidden Gun Storage Plans

Here are a couple of videos of some DIY hidden gun storage systems. The first one is very basic and you don’t need plans to build it.

The Coat Rack

How about hiding your guns in your coat rack?

A coat rack is easy to build and can be done by anyone with even basic woodworking skills. No need to hang your gun above your door with this simple DIY design.

The Floating Shelf

Here’s another simple DIY design you could build on a weekend if you have some basics woodworking skills.

Note: It’s a long video, but you get the main concept right out of the gate.  If you want to see the entire process, watch the entire video.

The Secret Compartment Dresser

And finally, here’s a badass dresser you could build with a secret hidden gun compartment:

Hidden Gun Apparel

Do you like the idea of concealed carry but find it’s not comfortable to have a gun in your waistband all day?

I don’t care how much padding your Hostler has it will still get uncomfortable when worn for extended periods of time.

If this sounds like you, American Tactical Apparel Battle Pants will solve this issue.

Hidden Gun Safe Wrap Up

I hope you got some great ideas on what is currently available and on the market for hiding your guns in plain sight.

I believe hidden gun storage furniture is the future for safe, responsible firearm storage.

Bottom line: If an intruder doesn’t suspect anything is there, they won’t look.

Do you have any more ideas for hiding guns in plain sight? Maybe you’d rather not hide your guns in plain sight and instead, prefer to store your weapons in a good gun safe.

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