Don’t Be A Victim – 13 Self-Defense Moves For Women

With all the assault occurrences recorded all over the country, ladies ought to learn self-defense against attackers. Here are some great tips on how you can avoid going through this horrific experience.

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  1. Self Defense for Women | Avoid Being a Victim
    1. Look Them in the Face
    2. Shout Stop or Stay Back
    3. Carry a Pepper Spray
    4. Pinch Them
    5. Hit Them in the Groin
    6. Bend Their Fingers
    7. Practice Situational Awareness
    8. Use Your Elbow
    9. Toss Your Wallet Away
    10. Kick Out the Tail Lights
    11. Start Your Engine and Leave
    12. Stay Alert When Entering Your Car
    13. Take the Elevator

Self-Defense For Women: Fight Against Rape

Self Protection for Women | Avoid Being a Victim

What might you do when somebody suspicious is stalking you as you walk home from work or school? These days, we can’t be too relaxed in our environment, particularly in areas where the crime rate is increasing, and assaults are becoming more and more common.

Ladies, you should learn each and every possible thing that could help you avoid the assault or stop the attacker in his tracks if it comes to that. Get familiar with the following self-defense moves and make sure you will never be caught off guard!

1. Look Them in the Face

If you believe someone is following you, look them right into their eyes and start asking casual questions, or chat.

It is imperative to memorize what they look like for you to unmistakably recognize them if you ever need to. However, this move may actually diminish the potential aggressor’s enthusiasm to make you his target.

2. Yell Stop or Stay Back

When you see somebody coming for you, clench your hand in front of you and yell “Do not come any closer!” or “Stop!” as threatening as possible. Most assailants will give up if you show you’re not hesitant to stand up to them.

Yelling is an extraordinary type of self-defense against attackers.

Always Carry Pepper Spray

If you have pepper spray with you, hold it out for the attacker to clearly see it while yelling. Pepper spray contains active ingredients from chili peppers  that are extremely atrocious and hurtful for the eyes.

Pepper spray will discourage future aggressors from coming towards you. Make sure you are willing and ready to use it.

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Pinch Them

If the attacker holds you around your abdomen from the back, pinch them under their arms or between the armpit and the elbow.

You can also pinch their upper, inner thigh as hard as you can. These spots hurt like hellfire when pinched.

Hit Them in the Groin

After the initial hit, go for the crotch right away. In a fair fight, going for the crotch is disliked however when you’re assaulted, you have to use every possible tactic to beat the attacker.

After a strong hit to the crotch, the attacker will think real hard before going after you the second time. This will create a window for you to escape and call for help.

Hitting the crotch is one of the best self-defense moves against attackers you will ever learn.

Twist Their Fingers

If the aggressor puts their hands on you, grab the first two fingers and twist them back as far as you can while applying as much pressure as you can. Practice on yourself or someone else and see why this is a popular self-defense technique. However, keep in mind that this move is very excruciating and should be used with caution when practicing.

Practice Situational Awareness

Situational awareness should be practiced whenever possible. Always be wary and check your environment, particularly if you are alone.

Walk with somebody you know whenever possible. If you notice a stranger acting unusually, trust your instincts and do what ever is necessary to feel safe again.

Living this way may appear to be somewhat senseless at times, yet you’d feel a lot worse if the stranger actually had any malicious goals. Not all successful self-defense techniques relate to fighting.

Awareness can prevent any dangerous situation.

Use Your Elbow

Your elbow is a very efficient self-defense weapon. Elbow strikes can knock out your attacker cold or totally disoriented.

If you are close enough, don’t waste even a second, hit the attacker with your elbow as hard as you can.

Throw Your Wallet Away

Don’t just hand your purse or wallet if a mugger requests it. Rather, throw it away from you. Muggers are generally more interested in your cash than yourself, so throwing your wallet away gives you a chance to escape.

In the event that they go for the cash, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION! Running is a legitimate self-defense tactic and training you can practice regularly.

Kick Out the Tail Lights

If you get thrown into the trunk of a car, kick the taillights out and get your arms out! Stick your arms and gives out until somebody sees you.

This has saved numerous lives. Additionally, keep in mind that all newer vehicles have an emergency trunk release you can use to escape.

The important thing here is to listen. If you hear that your kidnaper has stopped at a place with people close by, this would be the perfect time to escape.

They will likely try to escape the scene and make an effort not to try to get you back into the trunk.

Start Your Engine and Leave

Some ladies have the habit of remaining in their vehicles and doing things like checking their phones or fixing their hair before they really leave the premises. This makes you a sitting duck and is a colossal no-no.

When you get into your vehicle, start the engine and leave. Try not to hang around for any reason.

Everything can wait until you arrive at your destination.

Remain Alert When Entering Your Car

While we are on the subject of parked vehicles, remember these at all times:

  • Be alert: Look around before entering your vehicle. Check all seats, including the passenger seat, and especially the back seat because that’s where the attackers are most likely to hide and wait to ambush you.
  • Enter your vehicle through the passenger door if a van is parked beside the driver’s door. This will feel and look ridiculous, yet it beats being kidnapped. Most attackers will stun their unfortunate targets by forcing them into the van when the unsuspecting victim tries to enter the car.
  • Look at vehicles parked on both sides of your car, as well as behind it. If you see a suspicious person sitting in the seat closest to you, turn around, go to the nearest building and ask a security guard or a police officer to walk you to your vehicle. It is better to look silly and be safe than become a victim.

Take the Elevator

NEVER take the stairs alone in the evening except if you have no other choice. If it’s at all possible, take the elevator.

Stairs are famous for being the ideal spot for commiting a crime.

Ladies, you should learn how to defend and secure yourself. Watch this video from Final Round Training and discover how you can get away from an attacker:

Take these things into consideration when going out in the evening. This may make you feel weird and may not prevent all assaults, however anything you can do to help yourself is worth it!

All things considered, you are better off being overly suspicious than a victim. Stay protected, ladies!

Do you know any other self-defense techniques against attackers our ladies might use? Write them down in the comments below!

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