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Best 7 Unthinkable Survival Uses For Pantyhose

When you go hunting, pantyhose can really be essential for you. You can utilize it during the summer months or winter months. You specifically want to consider using them throughout the summer.

The advantages of using pantyhose during the summer is to prevent ticks from biting you, they will help you absorb perspiration,

How To Make Improvised Survival MukLuk Boots

A mukluk is a soft boot, historically made of reindeer (caribou) skin or sealskin, and worn by Artic aboriginal people, including the Inuit.

Why would you need a mukluk? If you were outdoors in the cold weather and would need extra protection for your feet a mukluk could very well be the best option. Mukluks allow your feet to breathe through thick levels of insulation while helping make it very quiet when you travel.

Wilderness Signaling for Help

Like all other survival techniques, signaling for help is a skill you should practice before you actually have to use it. If you ever find yourself lost, signaling for rescue is an option you should consider.