9 Experts Share Their Top 7 Kit Items!

Do you want to be better prepared for emergencies but aren’t sure where to start or if you’re doing it right? These experts share their top kit items that they carry around with them.

If you carry these, you’ll be better prepared than 80% of Americans.

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Ken Youngquist survivaltek.com – Every Day Carry (EDC) Kit

#1 Item – A dependable folding knife

#2-7 Items – Cell Phone, Nano light, Multi-tool, Ferro Rod, P-38, Cordage (cobra weave fob) Advice: My EDC is not a kit per se but what I wear every day. You can see my EDC attachments at http://survivaltek.com/?p=3810. I have also prepared separate Go-Bags for urban and outdoor environments.


James Wesley Rawles http://www.SurvivalBlog.com – Get Home Bag (GHB)/Get Out of Dodge (GOOD) Kit

#1 Item – Katadyn Combi Microfilter (or comparable) water filter

#2-7 Items – Glock 30S .45 ACP Pistol, Firestarting Kit, Sleeping Bag in OD Green Bivouac Cover, Camel-Bak Hydration Pack, Leatherman Wave Utility Tool, and a Ration Bag with 8 MREs (or Equivalent)

Advice: If your local laws don’t allow a firearm, then carry a large sturdy fighting knife, such as K-Bar or a Cold Steel 13QBN Hunting Tanto.


Mark Goodwin http://www.prepperrecon.com – Bug Out Bag (BOB) Kit

#1 Item – A knife- The M16-12ZLEK by Columbia River Knife and Tool

#2-7 Items – An IFAK from Prepper Recon, a Gerber Suspension multi-tool, a Surefire G2X Pro flashlight, a Sawyer Mini water filter, emergency food bars, a big stack of cash; the bigger the better.

Advice: You’ll also need a weapon. I recommend a battle rifle. The AK vs AR discussion is one you need to have with yourself and your mutual assistance group so you can figure out the best fit, and standardize magazines and ammo for your team.


Jim Cobb http://www.survivalweekly.com – Every Day Carry (EDC) Kit

#1 Item – Toss up between a flashlight and a knife. I use both about equally as often in my daily life.

#2-7 Items – Disposable lighter, Ferro rod and striker, cell phone, wallet (cash), knife or flashlight (whichever isn’t considered #1 in the last question LOL), writing utensil.

Advice: All of the greatest whiz-bang gadgets on the planet won’t do you a lick of good without experience using them. You should test out every item in your kit. Make sure the items work and that you know their capabilities and weaknesses.


Bernie Carr http://www.apartmentprepper.com – Every Day Carry (EDC) Kit

#1 Item – Multi-tool

#2-7 Items – flashlight, cash, smartphone, pen, pocket first aid kit, Taser

Advice: Having kits in multiple locations such as car survival kit, bug out bag, office emergency kit ensures you have supplies wherever you need it and provides a wide variety of items you may need in an emergency.


Todd Walker https://survivalsherpa.wordpress.com/ Youtube Channel – Haversack, similar to my GHB but a Get Back to Camp Bag Kit

#1 Item – Fire Kit: Lighter, Ferro rod, and magnifying lens

#2-7 Items – 5×7 Emergency Space Blanket and clear plastic painters tarp, metal water bottle, a cutting tool (knife/hatchet), headlamp (extra batteries), compass, string/rope.

Advice: This is my tramping kit when venturing out away from fixed camp. There are a few other items in my haversack depending on my intentions, but the items listed are always in there. This kit allows me to create a microclimate, stay hydrated, and sleep soundly – the three essentials for staying alive in an unexpected stay in the woods.


James L http://www.planandprepared.com – Every Day Carry (EDC) Kit

#1 Item – Cell phone

#2-7 Items – Good knife, small flashlight, spare cash, Flash drive with important documents, small multi-tool, solid, comfortable walking shoes or boots.

Advice: I have used each of these EDC items in different emergency situations. All have come in handy and saved me time, energy, and headaches!


Gaye Levy https://www.strategiclivingblog.com – Pocket Survival Kit

#1 Item – Flashlight (MiniCree or BlockLite)

#2-7 Items – Pocket Knife, Whistle, Paracord Lanyard (whistle is attached), BandAids, Bottle of Lavender Essential Oil, Smartphone

Advice: I have used every single item in this kit at times when I least expected to need them. My advice to everyone wishing to put together a survival kit, large or small, is to put something together after taking a realistic look at their lifestyle. One or two months later, refine what is in the kit and make adjustments.


Justin Cummins http://www.theartofpreparedness.com – Bug Out Bag Kit

#1 Item – Water Purifier – Sawyer or Lifestraw

#2-7 Items – Fire Starter, Firearm, Knife, Ham Radio, 550 cord, Axe.

Advice: As an avid hunter and woodsman who has spent a lot of time hiking with a pack, I have learned that weight is a significant issue. The lighter the better. Learn skills that will help you lighten your pack. Carry less. If you live a sedentary lifestyle now, you will not be able to suddenly walk a long distance with an 80 lb. pack. If you think that you might possibly bug out on foot with your BOB, you better start walking with it now to build up strength.

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